Photo Tuition

Don't understand where to put your F-stop and depth of field just has you in "Circles of Confusion" ?

Got a camera with so many confusing buttons and menu options with a manual that might as well be written in Japanese ?

Does your photo still have the telegraph pole sticking out of your subject's head and you still can't work out how to use your photo-editing software to remove it ?

Been on courses where the level was so high that it was just beyond you and you were too embarrassed to ask basic questions or on ones where they were so basic you kept nodding off ?

Read lots of magazines and books or spent hours trawling through You-Tube and still can't get "that image" you are looking for ?

Well help is at hand

We offer one to one tuition on a wide variety of subjects with the emphasis being on what you want to learn. Before your course starts we discuss your needs and tailor the course accordingly both in the nature of the topics and the level of your knowledge and experience.

What's more it's not horrendously expensive, particularly when you consider the cost of your camera and the time you've wasted not being able to capture "that image".

We offer a two hour taster lesson for just £80 and further lessons are £50 per hour.

The lesson can be outdoors or indoors, at my home or yours (travel expenses are charged if you are more than 25 miles from Pulborough).

Sounds just what you need ?

Get in touch via our website contact page or call our professional photographer Dave Boys LRPS on 07710 912 526 to discuss your requirements.

We also offer gift vouchers for lessons - ideal to go with any new camera you may be buying for someone or as a great gift for someone you know who wants to improve their photography.